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Samus Aran. from Metroid series.
Reference is mostly Max Factory figure and Other M.
I made her just from pulse. She had A and B type outline scheme but i had to choose A type cause i'm suck at B type. )-;
(i'm not even good enough for A type also)
I tried Non suit type clothing also, since she using wig and i was kinda bored about suit only costume.

Mod List
Hair and appearance: Linlim more face, [Lewdduck] PH_Eyeliners, Supa's Roy12 hair wig,
Normal Set(Zero suit): Party DLC, [Honeymod] Basic_Shape_Accessory_v2.1, [Ramoram]TombRaider, [Belgar17] Adapted_Shoes_Pack_5.0
ZeroSuit OtherM SkinTexMods(Requires HS_SkinTexMod_v2.3a or higher)
[cur144] ZeroSuit(for gun Holster. Download link is bellow)

Room Set(Other M-Military Dress): [S_K] Full_Mod_Package, [Rare] S_K_DLC_Party_Package_v7.9,MCM Leona - KoF XIV
[HS]Allegretto_1.4.0.0 (there's higher version in pastebin but i'm still using this ver. download link is below)!gwdkCJDS!IItFBH5qcHBRGmaPepug3HXlBDhO5p3lhwMjt_Ee3vw
I'm not sure what is mod package of glove. in game name is [ZZ] JkBG Gloves K
If you can't find this glove in your copy, improvise with vanilla leater glove or [C2D] Fighter_Gloves_v1.0

Bath set: [SAK] Various_Clothing & Swimsuits

Caution: You need to reset the skintexmod for another clothing
SF gun is not include in character card


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I have the hair mod but it still looks not right


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Rooks cool. I rike it. +1


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The MCM Leona Pants are in the Swimsuit Clothing
How can you use in the normal clothing?


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I was forgot about this mod package...(need for Room set hair) Sorry for your inconvenience.
[Iroha] PH_Hair_v1.2 + Clothing & Swimsuit_Package

And please make sure about hair mod is latest version. link here.

Check her 1~2 accessory in clothing menu. They should be designated like this.
Normal set
Acc1: [F1][Sarah][Supa][Roy12]
Acc2: [B1][Sarah][Supa][Roy12]
Room set
Acc1: Strait Bang B Reverse (fixed)
Acc2: [S1][Mila][Supa][Roy12]


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You can MCM Leona clothing as pantyhose
Install 'Allegretto_1.4.0.0 ' check the link from first comment.

About normal set...You need to install 'SkinTexMod'!fNky0KbA!xDOvTvdx3qpIaHJyPI8o8OS8NoycndZnSq-40mamTAI
And ZeroSuit OtherM SkinTexMods find that from this link.!Yx4ykYLY!5b8Mt7MKAjsyReh5CAjNHw
After you install both mod, load Samus n chara editor and press 'J'. And than, Pink Arrow will pop up. if you click that, and Pink window will pop up. Choose the ZeroSuit OtherM skin from there.


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What is the back hair? I got all acccesories correct, but the regular back hair is "short, outer wings...


Posted on 2018-03-04 23:41:40 (Flag for deletion)

Oh. Back hair was the problem. You just set the back hair to
'Bowes' That one is included vanilla asset.


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My skintexmod is not working properly I think. It doesn't look like that at all.

Can someone provide me a link to it please?


Posted on 2018-03-05 10:09:15 (Flag for deletion)

Hmm...i'm not sure about i able to help you fundamentally, but here's link for my copy of them.!8t80GSwL!1oRWExY0x08Yl1UZzmk7PQ


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Looks a bit too asian for my taste.


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Do I just have to download the mods and she will appear in my game or how?


Posted on 2018-03-10 01:29:06 (Flag for deletion)

You can load her with no problem if you installed mod that i mentioned.
About skin text mod, i wrote description earlier comment.

and about folders...
This card : goes to \HoneySelect\UserData\chara\female
allegretto, skintexmod: goes to \HoneySelect\Plugins
other mods: mostly \HoneySelect\abdata
(most of them already packed with rightful folder)


Posted on 2018-03-17 23:48:08 (Flag for deletion)

So the only way to get half of the mods this uses is through gigantic batch torrent downloads?

Nah. Not worth the hassle.



Posted on 2018-03-17 23:28:54 (Flag for deletion)

BepInEx :

Plugins :

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