7 months ago
Fun ruined :(
Getting a daily minus non stop on every model simply ruins any kind of fun this could have. Not that anyone would care, me being new - which is fine, hope you all find what you seek here. Ciao.
7 months ago
just join our community discord bro, it's like open a pandora box.
don't give up ok ?
7 months ago
Dude, F those guys.
Me too. Ive been trying to plus 1 every post is see to counter act. Dont let it discourage you. For some reason, we all take pride in our work to a personal level, and i can see why. F* those guys, keep doing you. just think out of every -1 you get +2 probably DL that s* and checked it out. They were too busy napping to +1, or respond.
5 months ago
Old topic, but don't take it personally. I just make my ones for fun with what I find. Do you and what you find attractive, someone out there'll like it. Not everyone who DLs will bother to upvote, so do try not to be harsh on yourself for it. :3
3 months ago
Enough is enough, deleted my cards...buhbye

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