4 months ago
Male mods
Does anyone know where I could get a male penis mod? I'm getting tired of the generic one, all male character having the same penis. Can you please give me a link and I'd appreciate if you could instruct me a bit on how I could install it. I'm fairly new to this.
3 months ago
Go to the main pastebin(you can find it via the Honey Select thread on 4chan).

You're looking for HoneyMod's "Moveable Dildos". This will give you a lot of penises, that are equipable as accessories in the waist category.

Dr Fillgood's "dongs" mod also has a lot.

Lastly, the Animal Pack and the Monster+ Accessories mods(both in the main mega folder from pastebin), have some more.
3 months ago
Yo! Thanks my man! I'll be going that way.

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