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Mods:Please , write them down
I dont complain. I get irritated.
It's great when people share their creations.
You download all essentila files and it's still is missing stuff because a creator reached outside of the lists to find something and then does not care to share what they found.
You get the same thing in The Sims. That game is so old that many times you search for the correct hair or clothing and that modder has closed their site.

I want YOUR creation to look good in the game.
I care about your mods and not 50 bajillion other shoes or wigs that i do need.
More power to the people who dont mind taking up space on their hardrives.

Please include your mod names and or links when possible.
Thanks :)

That's why i just gave up uploading my cards from HS. Too many mods, too many time to search for names, plus ID conflict... Only Koikatu, where mods are really small and we have only a few, that i didn't care for looking into details.
In the end, the time spent to upload just one card because of names doesn't make it interesting to upload at all :(
How do i mod please help
I want to mod honeyselect but for one i dont how to (could someone share a step by step video or method) and 2 is there anything i need bfore i start modding if so can you link it

Sorry Im new to this game

also is there any you people recommend that improve it and make things more customizable

and its honey select unlimited idk if that makes a difference
I think there're some tutorial videos on youtube so you could try those first. I'm done with honey select for pretty much the same reasons MementoMori mentioned (mods management eats up too much time) so I can't really do the step by step for you, sorry. If you have any how-to question about honey select, open a new topic and make it as specific as possible then you might get your answers. :)

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