2 weeks ago
Temporary measures to prevent spam in place
Greetings, admin here.

Posting this as a quick PSA to the users of the board. As of this moment the board is on lockdown for a few days.

Anonymous users can not do anything other than rate images.

User registrations have been temporarily closed.

Buffscale's various attempts to obtain Admin privileges have been denied. His own booru has been abandoned by him with spam sitting on it since February. He has demonstrated an inability to admin anything, as such he will not be allowed to take over this booru.

The admin panel for the booru is as of this moment off limits to anyone but the previous owner and myself.

This "lockdown" will continue for a few days until I deem the board clean enough to reopen.

If you have any questions or concerns there are three avenues which you can use to contact me:

- Post in this forum thread.

- Send an email to

- Join the discord server and message an admin there.

EDIT: This shows up as being posted by "illusioncards" because I'm using the booru master user to post it. The previous admin has not made any attempt to contact us so do not take this as the previous admin returning. They have not.

UPDATE: User registrations have been reopened today on 08-06-2018.
2 weeks ago
ban this bot "sindydoll"
2 weeks ago
If you're referring to the /tesg/ boorus I ran back in 2012, we abandoned them because some guy kept spamming it with mass upload scripts, and it would take hours and hours to clean all that crap up.

We just went to another Booru instead because its far too easy for this booru system to be screwed with.

You guys seriously need a better system for removing spam, because right now theres like 32,000 (at least) comments to delete. Even if this place had an admin, that would be hours and hours of work, mainly because you guys sat around and did nothing when it was happening.
2 weeks ago
lmao, you were BTFO. Terrorism lost.

illusioncards said:

This "lockdown" will continue for a few days until I deem the board clean enough to reopen.

Best of luck, man. I sincerely hope you make this booru great again.
1 weeks ago
As of today (08-06-2018) users can again register with the booru.
1 weeks ago
Hmm, looks like that Sindydoll bot is still going at it though :\

I think the guys should just nuke everything and re-write all their code, manually deleting all that must have been torture
1 weeks ago
i think you guys should just add a mini 4 digit letter symbol and number combination to comment
1 weeks ago
Will anonymous uploading eventually be restored? It's fairly evident that limiting uploads to registered users doesn't eliminate spam (which IMO should be dealt with either by IP bans or, as has been suggested, with a sort of captcha), and I personally liked uploading anonymously because I wanted to have each card evaluated by its own merits, which I'm pretty sure is the case for many other users as well.

It's a feature taken away for no reason, basically.
1 weeks ago
this site will still exist then ?
just to make sure
then i will start posting on the new site if this site goes down.

there are statement from illusioncards
" I'll lock this booru down when the other website is ready. "

on the other threads.
6 days ago
Same stuff different day
Site is still getting spammed, tags messed with (like from user shitfuck), down/up vote spam.....

"Pats illusioncards on the back" nice job with the temporary band-aid.

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