6 months ago
Since we cant sort by score, what are some of the highest rated posts on here?

I haven't seen anything over 10 points yet.
6 months ago
you can kind of filter some stuff

go to My Account (not my account but yours...) ---> Options
then set the Post Threshold to 10

This should then show you only posts of +10 (if im correct)

anyway gl ^^

Some Booru site use this: score:>=10
But it doesn't work here... Maybe it can be added to this site as well!
Sooooo PLZ add this function!
5 months ago
we need this now theres over 10k of cards to shift trough
5 months ago
Its not a simple of matter of "we need this now". We are using a free service (, so whatever feature that goes into booru are truly dependent on them.
5 months ago
Reminder that has a patreon and if it reaches the second goal of $500 then the staff can resume "development", which could mean new features for this and all the other boorus
1 months ago
High rated cards
Search with this tag:"high_rated" and only cards with equal or more than 20 points will appear, consider this the "hall of fame".
1 months ago
Holy shit! Thats good to know!
Also who is adding all these tags? Who ever you are I fcking love you!
This makes things so much easyer.

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