1 years ago
Since we cant sort by score, what are some of the highest rated posts on here?

I haven't seen anything over 10 points yet.
1 years ago
you can kind of filter some stuff

go to My Account (not my account but yours...) ---> Options
then set the Post Threshold to 10

This should then show you only posts of +10 (if im correct)

anyway gl ^^

Some Booru site use this: score:>=10
But it doesn't work here... Maybe it can be added to this site as well!
Sooooo PLZ add this function!
1 years ago
we need this now theres over 10k of cards to shift trough
1 years ago
Its not a simple of matter of "we need this now". We are using a free service (, so whatever feature that goes into booru are truly dependent on them.
1 years ago
Reminder that has a patreon and if it reaches the second goal of $500 then the staff can resume "development", which could mean new features for this and all the other boorus
10 months ago
High rated cards
Search with this tag:"high_rated" and only cards with equal or more than 20 points will appear, consider this the "hall of fame".
10 months ago
Holy shit! Thats good to know!
Also who is adding all these tags? Who ever you are I fcking love you!
This makes things so much easyer.
8 months ago
I think maybe 2 of my cards have ever made it to 20+ I wish I could see the up-votes and down-vote totals because it seems there are sometimes sweeping down-votes just going through down-voting everything.
8 months ago
I've only had 1 card reach high_rated

And it was my ayyy lmao Kamino card
8 months ago
My approach now is just put the card I like in my favorite folder and use them as catalog for searching by authors. It works better for me than relying on vote system since we all have different beauty standards.

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