11 months ago
HS Cards (Systems/Complects)
This topic for them, whose like HS and own girls.
Every one have a big collection beaties (f.e. above 1000).
I had created own system of cards for my collection of girls.

Cards in game are 3 kinds, which i used:

a) UserData/CardFrame/Back - personality of girl (13 back-cards,
not upload, no have info for Active, Sincere and BW).
Also can create the cards as an ages of girl
(f.e. - milf, female, girl, teen, loli).

Can USE back-card as 2TH add. "front" card (translucent);

b) UserData/CardFrame/Front - traits of girl (24 front-cards,

c) UserData/background - what i want to see as back card
(f.e. - screens of my favor scene).

I still work with my cards. If you need the complect - say about it.
Perheps, this idea help you to create your own systems of cards)
Create and upload your complect/system of cards, explain about it in the topic.

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