11 months ago
Help with Tracer
So I'm trying to create a good outfit for my version of Tracer. If anyone has SMPR's mechanic top that would be great. Also the name of the mod for these goggles:

I currently have stirrup/toeless sock mod I am working on and redoing the Warframes if anyone wants to trade for the Mechanic.
11 months ago!CkIHFbDa!SWGomIwvDR4OzTLZj8ckBsK-Uje8ZuYOvSE9jiwFv2I

this is all SMPR mods I have, which are all clothes and access he had made, and I do have the top you want.
10 months ago
Thank you so much
Well you sir/madam thank you, seriously I want Tracer to look good. You can have any of my mod edits:
Yakuza tattoo replacement (two furry skins, 1 veiny muscle)
Toeless/stirrup socks (only have ankle and medium, I'll do high)
Feet claws & hooves (it is glitchy since it is based off shoes)

Since they are mod edits, they replace the mods. Let me know if you want them and I'll upload. Thanks again!

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