10 months ago
Large Character Cards
Can someone explain to me how other creators save theyr creations in LARGE CARDS?

is there a mod neded?.. (IF then please let a dl Link here)

or can it be done by manipulating some resolution settings? ..

Thank you all in advance
10 months ago
Short answer, long answer
I don't personally use them, but hey, let's learn together.

Seems the general way is to use Waifu Ripper, found here:

Or follow Selene's explanation of moving image data:
"As for the how to in regards to using a different image with the character data:
Download Notepad++ if you don't have it already. While creating the character card take a screenshot with your favorite method and save it in PNG so you have a high resolution version of the card image, edit the screenshot and crop it so only the card is left and resize it to your preference.
Now that you have both the small sized card with the character data and a high resolution card open both with Notepad++. What you want to do here is either copy the character data to the high resolution image or replace the card image data. If I screw something up I rather mess up the image so I replace the image data in the card.
In the high resolution data displayed by Notepad++ note that at the very end you will always find the following text: IEND®B`‚
Know that is the end of the PNG data, back in the card data displayed in Notepad++ do a search to find that text and you've found where the card image data ends, remove that and all the text before it and you've just removed all the image data from the card, and only the character data is left. Now all we have to do is go back to the high resolution image, do Edit->Paste Special->Copy Binary Content, now go to the card and at the beginning do Edit->Special->Paste Binary Content. A simple copy->paste will not work.
Congrats, you've transferred the image data."
10 months ago
thank u mate.. i will try this out as soon as i can :D
10 months ago
Been meaning to post selene's method on my large card when you've asked Fallen.
My laptop ended up dying awhile back and couldn't respond to it.
So, I apologize.
Anyway's selene's method is the way to go imo.
Best of luck to ya!

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