1 months ago
Mod Request
I've been trying to find the outfit on this card:
After looking for awhile, I saw that it was made by Elysium556 and the outfit was called Sengoku Basara Kasuga +Extra.
Once I found a download link on a old pastebin (since the newer pastebin by lewd-h has changed ever since), it was no longer available. I even tried to look for it in Hongfire, and Elysium's blog and it seems that it wasn't on there.
So, I was wondering by if anyone had a better link for the mod?
Or unless the mod has been discontinued entirely.

1 months ago
I have the outfit, so I packaged both the originals together for you.!sS4FFT4K!clUAAJX-eqexQ7P0hHuLI3r2tI8uV1NuAnfE9fszlIo
If I messed something up, tell me. I'll be back here in around 24 hours.

I looked into the hongfire thread where Elysium originally posted it and where some kind of heck went down.
Seems it was 华韶无缺 (Schaffer) who made it, and Elysium wanted to bring it to the english forums. But something happened, so he no longer has anything to do with the thread. Or something. So, I decided to stop figuring things out and just get a solution. Now I have a MEGA account...
1 months ago
Many thanks
Having to mod hunt must've been a hassle. I thank you for trying to dig for it though! Seems the two author's had some drama issue's. Sad to see that.

But, anyways everything is working out perfectly. I truly appreciate it!

1 months ago
Huzzah! Nothing went wrong!
3 weeks ago
Another request
Thanks for the reup BakaD!

Since the title is Mod Request, I also want to make a request (rather than making a new thread)
SMPR/Semipro Mechanic please
It has been requested too before
This one got taken down too because of a drama between moders

Really appreciate to anyone who can help

Edit: Nvm for semipro I got one from 4ch
Now only need the futalog various_items
3 weeks ago
thx flyingwheel... i was looking for it!
3 weeks ago
You're welcome, all credit belongs to that anon who uploaded it.

Still requesting [futalog] various_items and SMP-R Realistic Face Pack, if anyone has it

edit: Scratch [futalog] various_items, lewd-H posted it in pastebin
7 days ago
does anyone has this one please need it very bad

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