10 months ago
Looking for these characters
When I look around honeymod's blog, I see these stunning Aya Brea (Parasite Eve)
and Rebecca (Resident Evil 5)

I've search around the websites but I have yet to find them

If anyone know where they are from please kindly share, thank you
10 months ago
Wow quite the find you got there im interested as well,did you found source for the outfits?
10 months ago
Nah, I'll lurk more on honeymod's blog. Those characters are from their image bulletin board's section. Maybe the characters are still in progress of making? since I can't find them in any of their blog posts
4 months ago
Hola, como puedes ver, son personajes hechos, no como los de roy12mod que son packs, asi que no los encontraras.

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