2 months ago
Character Requests
Use this thread to make requests for what characters you want made. Make sure to include links to the best reference material you can find (no references for ants) for the folks who aren't familiar with the character in question.

Keep in mind though that this is all volunteer driven, meaning people are doing this in their free time and you are not entitled to a card or even a response for making a request. Practice the same etiquette you would in a drawfag thread.
2 months ago
[Request Response] I Am Here.
@Dekuopa Fulfilling a request. BakuMom:
2 months ago
[Request Response] Dandy
@Pero Thank you for reminding me I need to finish Space Dandy. I made an attempt at Honey here:
2 months ago
[Request] Jessica Henwick / Colleen Wing
Just asking for a fairly more realistic attempt at Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing from Marvel's Iron Fist. She is also played Nymeria Sand in Game of Thrones. A card of either would be great if anyone has the time and talent. Here's some image references:

(And one from GoT)

Thanks to whoever can pull this one off!
2 months ago
[Requestin a character]
Hey! Here's a request from me to the awesome makers here!
Here's Kiyoran Tsukihara from one of Umemaro-sensei's hentai masterpiece.
I hope you can make a wonderful replica. - Face - Boobies - A kind of a full body shot (best i found)
2 months ago
Character request
This one... please!!!
Thank you!!
2 months ago
[Request Response] Kiyoran Tsukihara
@whitenoise1 I took my best shot at copying the model. Thanks for the reference pictures, the face was especially helpful. Link:
2 months ago
BakaD said:
@whitenoise1 I took my best shot at copying the model. Thanks for the reference pictures, the face was especially helpful. Link:

Hey, man. It's better than anything I could've done.
Thank you for this! :D
1 months ago
Large Request
Hey guys! i suck at making characters, and i was hoping that i could find someone who could help me out with some of them :) i would be forever grateful to the person who can take the time to make these cards, and share it with the community :D

so, lets start it off :)

Christy Mack, pornstar:
Lexi Belle, pornstar:
Courtney Tailor, model:
Angie Varona, model:
Anna Faith, model:
Mikaela Pascal, youtuber:
Olga Chocolate, model:
CL, Korean singer:
Lia Marie Johnson, model/singer:
Veronica Rossi, model:
ErikaRouge, tumblr girl:

Like i said before, i would be greatly in debt to whoever made characters off these girls :) many thanks in advance
1 months ago
models and porn actress
I want Anastasia Lux, Jenna Shea, rosee divine, mal malloy, olivia Jensen and maritza mendez kiara mia.
1 months ago
Maria Anderson from Sexy Beach 3
Please make one card for this blonde beauty, thanks guys
1 months ago
I was and always will be fascinated by nipple chains jewelry and exotic clothing styles.. not being racist at all.. but golden chains and jewelry looks way better on darker skin.. so this is my newest big future project :

my biggest inspiration comes from this scene..

you can not imagine how much this scene turns me on.. if you want (would like to) contribute you are welcome..

you could help me find some clothing pieces or hair.. i want to create the perfect cum slave!

1 months ago
[Request Response] Maria Anderson
@Antonseverent I took a shot at it, but went through faster than I normally do. So, there may be errors, but if there's anything major, I'll fix it.
@others As a general note, I've tried at real people in Honey Select and don't like how I make them, so I won't be doing those.
1 months ago
big bootys
please, can someone make one or more of my request list?
Anastasia Lux, Jenna Shea, rosee divine, mal malloy, olivia Jensen and maritza mendez kiara mia.
1 months ago
Poor sakura 7th dream
Pretty sad this circle is not working anymore...
Revive poor Sakura in HS/PH please!
There are short, sometimes incomplete games about this series if you guys need reference.
1 months ago
cosplayer real character
hello guys I would like to make you a request, recently I met this cosplay girl...and I want to make her, but I really bad making real girls (><), so here is... (that ass)

Bye ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
1 months ago
Two lilith soft character
Cara.(Main character in Cara the blood lord)
I don't know her name. I heard she is character of Prison ship 2

These two are very stunning and catch my eye, so i was tried make them for SBPR but my lack of talent is cannot be helped...
Please make these character for HS. Thanks for you guys hard work.
1 months ago
Jennah Shea
Can someone create Jenna Shea?
4 weeks ago
Rick foxxx
Hello can anyone make characters like Rick Foxxx comics?? thanks
3 weeks ago
Remy Lacroix for PH
Please anyone
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