9 months ago
One single Anon retagged my entire gallery
One single anon retagged every single fucking one of my cards. He removed all my fucking tags, and he added "fat_cheeks". He's a trolling cunt and he's been doing the same shit to other people as well lately.

Also the "revert tags" function seems to have stopped working, which makes returning all the tags QUITE a hassle.
9 months ago
It's been happening to a lot of people. There's nothing that can really be done since the admin seems to have abandoned the site. Disabling anonymous editing would help, but making an account is so easy that it might not do anything against someone like this. It's probably best to just stop posting here.
9 months ago
Darn. Is there any other popular website where you can store/share HS cards then?
9 months ago
Its extremely fucked that one person could ruin the entire booru and theres nothing anyone can do to stop it

I've had experience with running a Booru before, but this one's already got asstons of cards, if I were to make a new one, we'd have to fucking move everything or just start fresh.

Zixaphir dealt with the /tesg/ issues on its booru by making and hosting one on his own, I doubt anyone on HS cares enough to do that. I think this is a sign of a community thats getting a bit too large, being a 4chan community especially doesn't help, eventually the shitposting hits critical mass.
9 months ago
Oh and A-Non_Ymous it could probably be fixed if a new Booru was made, anonymous tagging was removed, and begin banning anyone who fucks with tags on purpose.

Its an IP ban. Its better than nothing at all at least
9 months ago
Same happened to me a while back. They replaced my tags with delete delete_me trash. Why is a anonymous person allowed to do that? Really?

Sadden that there aren't many sites out there I mean I only Found other 4 sites that has Honey Select content Which is ATF(just only lolis), HongFire(just a mod forum), the Discord(Mean People) 4chan(Just No) I can't even find a site where I can post just Screenshots or Traps lol.
9 months ago
ip ban? not going to work, never
i see, either my clone-wannabe-vigilante or a "disgruntled user" wanting vengeance

well, maybe blind vengeance

in this kinda broken system inhabited by rotten souls, its bound to happen sooner or later anyway

new booru sounds good
8 months ago
Happened to me too
Yep that happened to me as well recently. One of my cards' tags were all replaced with "lame_copy" and nothing else. It surprised me since I (innocently) trusted and thought that when you create an account, that the stuff you upload under that account cannot be modified by anyone else than yourself.

Welp, I was wrong! Apparently anyone can do anything to "our" cards and posts.

At least, for now, we can always just re-tag everything when that happens. That's what I did, I didn't report since I knew it wouldn't do anything. But I did just re-tag everything and now it's fine. If it happens again I'll just re-tag again anyway.

However, this site definitely needs more support and features. It's a Patreon project so it can either fail very fast or be updated at some point. I don't know which future this site has but I'm certain that if it fails another one will be created since we do need a place or two to share and find stuff for the game.

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