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Posted on 2017-09-24 13:42:27 by Legend

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Tiff, A Super skinny elf (Compared to my other creations) Hope you guys enjoy! :)

She uses Supa's hair wigs (They use accessory slot 1), To make this work you need both the Wigs and the One Fuck Man mod for the bald head.

LRE (Linear Rendering Experiment) for the body! -
If you don't use LRE then change her Skin texture and skin color (To what ever you use), Do this for the Face as well. Save her and done!

One Fuck Man (For the bald head) -
Supa's Hair Wigs (For the Hair) -
Eyelash mod v0.3 -
GGMod is needed for the shoes to work! -

Zeaska's 4k makeup? (I think i have this mod installed but im not sure... If she has no makeup then you will need this mod.)

This mod is not needed but it looks great! (If you are into that! like me...)
3D pubic hair -

Outfits that I don't have a link for:

Normal Set:
Top: Lace Up Dress 1 (C)
Panties: Cross (Custom Color)
Gloves: 3D pubic hair
Pantyhose: Fishnet Stockings B (Black)
Shoes: mayar1-ggmod04

Room Set:
Top: Japanese named mod... (can anyone link it if they have it? tnx!)
Bottom: Same as above, also a Japanese named mod...
Panties: Also a Japanese named mod...
Gloves: 3D pubic hair
Shoes: mayar1-ggmod04

Bath Set:
Swimsuit: Zeaska 14 Lace wear(color)
Gloves: Lace Ribbon (Custom Color)
Pantyhose: 3D pubic hair
Socks: Pearl High Knees (CC)
Shoes: mayar1-ggmod04

This will be my last creation for a long time! (I am focused on making scenes and have stopped making characters).
Anyway I hope you all Enjoy!



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