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Posted on 2017-10-12 21:47:17 by bsqboomy

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(Despite the size of the PNG, this is a loadable Studio Scene.)
I decided to crank out one more scene before I take a break.
The 7th scene in the Invasion series. An orc army has invaded the city! The palace guards lay tired and broken while the princess retreats deeper into the castle. Meanwhile, the Orc king's henchmen spot a helpless servant girl who happens to hold the keys the princess's hiding spot. However, before they deflower the princess, they decide to have a little fun with her servant.

This scene is for the original Honey Select Studio, not Studio NEO. You will still need the party addon for clothes.

Here is a reference video I recorded. This is what the scene should look like if you have installed all of the necessary mods.!XshylQyJ!GVN2tal48VDJGzzc1ef_cCsIaqJQkdfeMRXVzY0Cq2k

This scene has 8 camera angles. The first angle is active upon loading the scene. The next five five are accessed like you would normally. The other two are POV shots that is accessed by pressing "O" or "P" on your keyboard

Required Plugins!
HS Studio Addon Plugin ****(v1.0.6 - IK animation etc)*** Must be this version!

This scene uses a custom made IK animation! This scene will also need the associated XML file. You can find it here.!Ppwx1awC!iuj0mgMZMjr_3cNLXOcNRV1PN5ZoNPgzmG80LgVv9Lc

Shortcuts Plugin - POV, Futa, Animations etc.
This is needed for the additional camera angles

This scene is not voiced like my other scenes. Fell free to add them yourself!

Be sure to grab the hair mods from the pastebin. The clothing used in this scene is from the Party addon. The map is from Fantazy Mapz. You can find it here about halfway down the page

If parts of the scene seem blurry just turn off DOF in the configuration menu.

The dicks are from StudioInvisible and Honeymod dildo. You can find it on the pastebin. If you have any questions about the used mods let me know.

I'll be taking a break from Honey Select for a while. I'll continue this series when i find the time. Expect to see the rest in a month or so.

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Looks like I forgot to enable dynamic bust. You can do so yourself on the options tab on the IK animation menu (Ctrl + I)

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Awesome! Thx for the share

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This scene also requires larger mouth morphs which can be found here.

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Honeymod is the author name. The name of the mod is "Moveable dildos".

Go to the main mega folder from the pastebin and it will be under the [Honeymod] folder.

It took me quite a while to find it, because it's not mentioned anywhere outside of these comments from Bsq.

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