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On tagging
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Basic Guidelines:

Tag Listing

Bare Minimum Tags
Although not strictly mandatory, these types of tags should be found in pretty much every post on the site

*Image Type*
There's more here than just character cards, so each post should have a tag describing what the image is. Examples include:
---female/male (meaning it's a character card)
---studio/studio_neo (for the above scene cards)

*Illusion Game*
I would like this booru to hold cards from multiple illusion games, so each post should be tagged with the illusion game it is meant to work with

For character cards that aren't OCs, add a tag for the media they came from. If it's a video game character, use "video_games", "comics" for comic book or webcomic characters, "anime" for anime grills, etc.

Cards that need mods
If no mods are required to use a card, it should be tagged with "no_mods". If mods are required, the image should be tagged with the names of those mods (i.e. wide_slider_mod, futa_mod, coiffure_hair_pack).

Garbage Tags
Garbage tags are those that are either redundant and useless or they are subjective descriptors instead of objective.
Trash tags are all aliases to the "tagme" tag

*When adding character tags to a post, use the character's full name whenever possible. If an alias is used more than their real name, include that as well.

*When an anime/movie/video game/etc. shares a name with a/the main character, the tag with just the name should be used to refer to the character, and the copyrighted work they belong to will have the name followed by it's primary medium in parenthesis.
---Example: A search for the tag 'bayonetta' will return images that must feature the character bayonetta while a search for the tag 'bayonetta_(game_series)' will return images that are in any way related to the bayonetta franchise.
---This is going to get rather messy with copyrighted material that has a presence in multiple mediums, especially for instances where people are only aware of the thing in question because of the later medium (I think /a/ calls these people secondaries? Yeah, fucking secondaries!). I might start a strawpoll in the near future to get some kind of consensus on whether to include the original medium, most popular medium, or just tag it with any medium it has a presence in.

*Futas should be tagged with "female", not "male"

*Not exactly tagging per-se, but when adding something to the "parent" field of a post, bear in mind that afterwards the post you're editing will be considered a "child" post. This means it will be completely excluded from all search results site wide except when searching for all child posts for a given post ID. The point of the booru is to expose as many cards as possible in as many different kinds of queries as possible. Images should only be designated as children when the exact opposite effect is desired, such as when somebody has refined one of their characters and it's now 10x better, so they want the old one to be buried and forgotten.

*Some posts will have request tags that signify how the post should be tagged further, similarly to how they're used on gelbooru. "character_request" for characters that aren't original creations, "copyright_request" for anime/movie/game/whatever the character comes from, etc. "mod_request" should be used when mods are required for a card but it is not currently tagged with any
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Category Tags

I'll add to this as new tags come up
3 years ago

Hey man don't know if you're still around, but what's the convention on tagging less usual eye colors? I'm talking about colors like hazel, auburn, cyan, shades of red (i.e. pink), etc.?
3 years ago
I personally try to keep it as generic as possible and don't consider shades for the most part. I personally wouldn't say cyan_eyes, I would just say blue_eyes, or purple instead of magenta, or brown instead of hazel. That being said though, this reminds me of a saying:
some little girl said:
Why don't we have both?

If there's two or more tags you can add and, strictly speaking, neither of them are wrong, I see no problem in adding both tags (and this goes beyond just eye color). All it does is give that card more exposure.
3 years ago
Gotcha. Thanks man.
3 years ago
it is possible to make the system only allowed user that log in to tag, comment etc so we wont get a lot of "Anonymous" troll tags?
3 years ago
To my best knowledge there's nothing illusioncards can do about that, unfortunately. The power ultimately lies with the staff about what features they will allow for their individual imageboards ( is just 1 of 3912 registered with them).

This board is essentially a stripped down version of the Gelbooru image board. But functionally speaking anything that goes there will apply here (i.e. allowing anonymous users to tag and comment - although on Gelbooru you can actually upvote/downvote individual comments). Bad tagging, anonymous or otherwise, is a problem there as well - just on a much much MUCH bigger scale (they have 3+ million images to correctly tag whereas we only have 4000+). I think we have it fairly good on the last issue. ;)


To quote illusioncards from another post (

"I can't make any changes to the functionality of the site. If you really want this bug to be fixed, send an email to the staff [], I wouldn't get my hopes up though."

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