9 months ago
The really simple truth about the voting game.
First of all: In case you haven’t been noticing despite mods growing in quantity, fewer cards are being posted in this site.
Why? Mostly because trolls attacked users that posted and users ended leaving deleting their cards, and when this happens they pass to their next victim.

If you remember In my voting game I gave a time limit (Monday 3pm) THIS WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO ANALIZE OF ALL I WAS DOING!
That means that ANY cards could be 25 or 35 at 3:00 pm and at 3:02 pm it could be -48 and I would still upload the character because I m okay with that.
BUT NO ONE HERE EVEN ASKED ME OF THAT POSSIBILITY. Instead, almost all users were accusing me up trying to gain free votes for my ego.
(really guys? I gave you many PROVES that I didn’t care of voting in my cards, (details at the end))

As I said many times before (dont get me wrong I never cared for for thir trolling attempts towards me,I hate them for the first reason mentioned above), I hate trolls in this site and don’t want to give them girls cards because their toxic attitude against all user community(not only me), buuuuut the more coordinate cards I posted the more users were asking me for the characters in the cards more and more, and I didn’t wanted to be a total cunt with them.
Soooooo the game was an opportunity for them to ask me and get the characters they wanted more, and a excellent way to piss the troll that want me to get mad down voting, and gain the attention of others trolls (until Monday).

Popular question : ¿If what you are saying is true then why didn’t you simply asked us which characters we wanted in the comments section, or why you didn’t use negative numbers as objective to get the character?
R: If many people will start to ask for the 14 characters in the coordinates, the comment section of that card would become a mess (like what happened with selene tasumaki`s card)
and also it would be a pain in the ass for me to keep the registry of all those comments. If I used negative numbers troll will easily get all coordinates (that’s what they do easily, downvote, unlike upvote, that´s the opposite of troll´s purpose).
I have to tell that the most interesting mechanic of this quick game is that EVERYONE here (even trolls) had the opportunity of getting the 14 different characters in the coordinates with the minimum effort (just one click to ask).
Users here always had the total control of the game, not me, but instead of coopering with new users, the people I would refer as "ego users" started downvoting with the trolls thinking they were punishing me, but instead they were doing the trolls job against the users that wanted the characters....and maybe against their own desire of one of the characters. (those users could simply ignore the votation, and downvote after the limit time, but they preferred to suppose that I was being a douche with everyone).

Message for the users that downvote and are not trolls:
(I have repeated in my cards many times, but here I goes again…..)
I never care for the voting in my cards, it may be really hard for you to understand but, the only one that cared about my cards score all this time was you and only you.(possibly because you want your cards to be high rated.)
The voting in the coordinates was a simple survey to know which character the users wanted me to give them, just that, nothing more. There was never an evil plan of permanent manipulation of votes or an evil black mailing for all users, that was one of your suppositions that you decided to believe. If you think I was mocking you in any of my comments I invite you to read that comment again with this information to realize it was always aimed at trolls in the comunity.
Please don`t suppose I`m like you, mostly if I’m giving you waaaaaaay too many proves and facts that I’m a person that deletes many of his cards despite their positive rating.
(comments of my:celty card,galko card and nigri card)(stats: chivas posts number:79, cards that you can see in my page: 52 79-52= 27 cards deleted).
And I even asked the community if I should delete my most high rated card days before the game started (No person interested in a rating system would ever do that!!! That card would represent the maximum achievement of any user ever interested in ANY rating system.(check celty card for prove))*facepalms really hard*
think of this:
You were the one that gave the voting system that importance, not me. You decided to act based in your suppositions, and not in all the facts and proves that I was trying to give you, to trust me, .___.
Or in other words if you ever wanted any of the characters in the coordinates the only obstacle was a some kind of “pride” that you created for your own cards, cause you care way to much in the rating system, nothing else.
I think I have cover all the points but if you have any question left . My response probably is:

Results you should understand about this quick game:
1.-My coordinates are starting points for users: (I explained this in my galko card)
You can see that Pawnisher created his own version of Jessica nigri using my coordinate. (still thinking think I’m lying?) and….. If you closely pay attention you can see that the card used as staring point for creating his Jessica nigri was my Akutsu_Kirara Card. you can check the room and bathroom clothes of Jessica and compare the ones in my Akutsu kirara card.
Unlike the majority of the users here, I already said that I upload coordinates cards to help other users MAKE THEIR OWN CREATIONS. (I already explain that in my Galko coordinate)
2.-Right now this game prove me that this site is filled with more than two anonymous trolls (that`s why I still don’t feel like posting girls anytime soon), and most people here are trying to get a high score, that would lead to that users leaving this site and deleting their cards when trolls decide to attack him.
Soooooo finals words:......guys this was never a competition, you said that in the comments of my cards. This place is for share cards for the other users games. You will not win nothing for having the highest rated card in this site. (ask yourself: do you even know the highest rated card in this site? And has his creator gain anything? Did at least the 30 users know who is he or she? )
Today my highest card nonsummerjack anubis reached a score of 21 so It should have soon the desired by all “HIGH RATED TAG” but guess what , I deleted it for THIRD TIME to update it, just as I said in celty card that should. I hope you now finally understand how much importance I gave to votes.

If you want recognition don’t search it in a page of porn cards, believe me in 3 years no one will remember who was the user that had the best peach card.

9 months ago
You say you don't care about comments made on your cards, but you wrote a wall of text trying to make yourself a saint. You're no saint, you're a devil.
You take and never give.
What you give is everything you stole.
When you're called out, you cry.
When you're critiqued, you yell.
When people move on without you, this happens.

You're a baby along with DynamoLOL and Anonfightsback. The Selene drama is funny, but the one in the spotlight now is YOU. Any attempt to put the spotlight on her is a clear sign that you're trying to start shit, and that it's highly likely that you're one of the original peoples that harasses Selene.

Why are you making this post now?
Are you trying to hide something?
How come you didn't say anything when Selene was in trouble?
Why are you crying the moment your cards are starting to be under scrutiny by the community outside of anons?

Face it. You're more guilty than the anonymous trolls, and this wall of text proves that.
9 months ago
Just a thought.
I just wanna jerk off buddy and I have this weird idea that I'm not alone.
9 months ago
The main reason fewer people are posting cards is just because it's an older game and the new factor has worn off. Plus the curve for what passes as a quality character has bumped up by a lot. My skills are a lot better now, but so are the real modders. If anything the gap between what I can make now, and what the serious people can make has *grown*.

That's also why there are more mods. More people know how to make them now. It's always like this for games. Skyrim's most active year for mods was in 2014, when the game was 3 years old and most people had moved on. Because there were tons of tools and quality step-step videos on youtube about how to do everything.
9 months ago
What now ?
Hi chivas, me again, I think there are more supporters of your work here who just want the character cards to please themselves (like the comment says above).
I think there is no hurt about uploading the characters cards despite what happened. You will just prove once again that you give no shit about trolls and haters and just keeping your "community" happy.

9 months ago
9 months ago
I honestly took most my stuff down again, too much -'ing going on. Mind you, I am not complaining, if people genuinenly do not like it, but then I see little reason to share it :)
9 months ago
it's normal tho , some of my card are "minus" too , but .. some are "Plus".
then i remember maybe i forgot to tag my card , and some random guy tagged my card and giving the "minus" on my card, thinking im lazy xD
(sorry random guy,im bad at tagging)

9 months ago
two of my girls are getting a minus every day. :O Im new around here, Im not entirely sure what to tag them with.
8 months ago
This is hilarious
I don't care anymore, i just post my works and contribute the only way i can.
Battling against trolls is useless, ignore them. This place is like a 4th grade school at max.
7 months ago
Does it really even matter, what does some trolls down voting even do? We can't sort cards by score anyway.
7 months ago
It makes cards hidden in the comments. Thats about it.

Set your post threshold in your options to -1000 and it basically gets rid of that.

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