9 months ago
Fun ruined :(
Getting a daily minus non stop on every model simply ruins any kind of fun this could have. Not that anyone would care, me being new - which is fine, hope you all find what you seek here. Ciao.
9 months ago
just join our community discord bro, it's like open a pandora box.
don't give up ok ?
9 months ago
Dude, F those guys.
Me too. Ive been trying to plus 1 every post is see to counter act. Dont let it discourage you. For some reason, we all take pride in our work to a personal level, and i can see why. F* those guys, keep doing you. just think out of every -1 you get +2 probably DL that s* and checked it out. They were too busy napping to +1, or respond.
7 months ago
Old topic, but don't take it personally. I just make my ones for fun with what I find. Do you and what you find attractive, someone out there'll like it. Not everyone who DLs will bother to upvote, so do try not to be harsh on yourself for it. :3
6 months ago
Enough is enough, deleted my cards...buhbye
1 months ago
Man I just think the rating system is opinion based thing. Since I got much minus rating up to -7 at very beginning I joined the booru. I got mostly bad rep because I have weird taste of fetish here.
I didn't mean to join this booru to post my personal card then demand to get positive response or + rating. My kind of fun in here is I always find the card that I just need or randomly found hidden gem from this booru and encourage other who I think their card is good but it gets over minus rep because user hate abuse. I may think some card good and other thinks that card is sheet and I can't deny a fact that rating abuse is a quite annoying for people who want to share their fun on here. But if you think bad rating is based from opinion, you'll get better.
1 months ago
yea thats it, we take pride in our works, so can some zero contribution anon just stfu and take the card and just comment some positive thing to encourage more cards coming,

No, instead of encouraging, they just told us something outrageously stupid. and next thing was to tell us to make more new cards for them to enjoy. who the fuck they think they are taking free cards while bossing like that

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