10 months ago
Honey Select Mod Tattoos Pack
It is my private mod (tattoos pack), and not so good. But it makes girls more sluty and lusty.
If you use the pack - you are pirate too =)

Tattoo Pack is standalone, dont replace anything, no needs another mods or utilities as SkinTech & etc.
Extract and copy into your main Honey Select directory.

Mod includes 20 body and 6 face tattoos.
Texture 1k.



10 months ago
Excellent. I've been looking for a large tatoo mod.
10 months ago
Welcome good ideas about add to the mod new f or b tattos (also you need for it right pictures of tattoos - *jpg, *png other formats of files for Photoshop.... or give me the name and link with tattoo(s) from another mod).
I will add to the mod them, if it will be free time.

q.: Why?
a.: All tattoos are in one pack for sluts and nonsuts? Not bad idea too hhhDDD

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