8 months ago
Anybody know how to get the eyes to look like Rowe's characters
what mod did he use for the eyes? i downloaded all the usual suspects and still can't replicate the big smokey-ness of his models.. help pls..
5 months ago
The only thing I can think of is:

[Linlin] More_Female_Faces_v1.1
[Zeaska] Linlin_MoreFaces_Updated

do you have that mod and the update?
2 months ago

well Rowe I seem to have problem with your cards I think your cards looks amazing and you say you use [Linlin] More_Female_Faces_v1.1, [Zeaska] Linlin_MoreFaces_Updated but when I load your card and go check wich face details you used evry single one Ive tried is single digit example like Type 08 I have those mods installed. is thi correct or is some data not loading for me?

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