8 months ago
Background Issue
Hi everybody. I'm looking for help to resolve a recent bug that has been happening after installing this mod on Honey Select It's improved the graphics but now I can't change backgrounds anymore when making cards and it's permanently stuck as blue. It's no biggie because I like blue and don't use backgrounds much if ever but if anyone knows how to resolve this issue I'd appreciate it. Thanks
8 months ago
This is normal for LRE
Check the limitations posted on the page you linked.

But to answer your question:
The Chara maker background can only set to solid color now, but you can load cubemaps in chara maker.

As it says above you can use Cubemaps, Get them here: (Also this page explains how to use cubemaps)

Good luck! And I hope that helped.
8 months ago
Thanks Legend. I'll check it out
7 months ago
finaly a solution. i had no clue wich mod had caused that bug couse i had installed so many recently and totaly lost the overview.
thanks guys :D
7 months ago
I see you guys use LRE without the Experimental Body, Do you dislike the body?

If you use LRE it is recommended to use the LRE Body

Find it under:
Skin -> Type -> Body Ex01

Facial Type -> Skin -> Face Ex01

You can find a example here:

Anyway enjoy!

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