7 months ago
The trial version JUST came out it's too early to be posting custom cards. Anyone can make any of these cards with 45 seconds of effort. Of course I can just block koikatu cards from my search results but most people (admittedly, including me) don't tag there creations properly so I feel like we are all gonna be stuck in a few months of very basic below average koikatu cards, until the based-god modders (bless your hearts all of you) come and save our souls. Is there any possible way to just put some sort of block on them until at the very least the full game comes out? Obviously this isn't any sort of priority or big deal but there is already so much going on with honey select and playhome there is no reason to pile on more "basic" stuff.
7 months ago
how do you get blacklisting to work properly? tried to blacklist the koikatu tag to not see any of them but it doesnt apply the filter. i have cookies and javascript on as it says to
7 months ago
Are these cards actually usable or will they be with HS or PH? Yes, they are Illusion cards but I feel they may need their own group if people are not willing to label them correctly.

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