5 months ago
Need help finding mods for a card
I really want to use this card! http://illusioncards.booru.org/i...t&s=view&id=29660

I was able to get the hair to work so I kept installing popular mods. Unfortunately, little progress on the clothing. If anyone knows the clothing in this it would be a great help.

Also, is there way to find out the clothes a char is wearing without putting it in game? Sort of analyze the card before hand to see if you are missing any mods.

(The best example I can think of is with Skyrim modding. When ever you install a mod, a list of master is shown. If you are missing a master [FNIS.esp for instance] a mod manager and even SKSE itself would tell you)
5 months ago
I remember that the name of the clothes was kimono

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