1 years ago
Honey Select Pack (With 700+ mods!)
FlashBangZzz has created a nice pack that has 700+ mods!

I highly recommend that everyone uses it! That way we all will have the same mods and on the same IDs!!!

Give him some thanks for this awesome work!

Honey Select Mod packs by FlashBangZzz:
Mod pack 1 + game:

Pack 2:

This is best used as a fresh game, Overwriting your existing HS game can give bugs!
1 years ago
1 years ago
This is really nice, especially because of ID conflicts... one of the main reasons i mostly avoid uploading my cards here.
The problem is to go from a stable and full modded game to a new one and the need to remake aaaall your girls :(
1 years ago
Hell yeah! A shared ID list! (Downloaded it today. Boy it's huge af after decompression. I give up... *quietly going back to playhome/koikatsu)

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