1 years ago
Kenzato's Booru is nearly finished
As you guys may know, this place is going to Hell in a handbasket. With bots running rampant, no admins, booru.org outright ignoring us, I think its time for a change. Kenzato and others agree apparently, and he's been working on a new Booru.

Now, its not ready yet, but he wanted me to show you guys some of its upcoming features. So I made a series of pictures that describe what its like. And here it is:

Main page layout

Individual cards page layout, as well as commenting. Commenting will require a Disqus account to prevent spam, which is plaguing the Booru now.

How to upload and also spam protection (Kenzato said these values may change)

User control center, displays much more than current Booru, with other nifty bits here and there

And finally, a modding forum is being made just for us!

Any questions and concerns?
1 years ago
And I, or he, will drop the link here when he thinks its ready
1 years ago
Sounds good, since it's highly unlikely that the owners of booru.org plan to do anything regarding the literal army of bots spamming this and other boorus.
1 years ago
I and I am sure other people would get back into this stuff if there was a better site. Registration has been closed for the affected boorus to try to restore order, frankly I'm to a point of not caring.
1 years ago
Seems too little too late, people were already disgusted with this place over vote spam abuse anyway

Kenzato's Booru is technically ready now but he doesn't want to link drop it just yet for whatever reason
1 years ago
Illusioncards here (actual illusioncards, not slayerduck the booru.org admin)

I'll lock this booru down when the other website is ready. I've emailed slayerduck asking if we could get a banner or possibly even an HTTP level redirect to the new site, but it'll probably take a day or two to get a response.

Is the new site going to actually be using gelbooru code or is it being made from scratch? If it's gelbooru code then I (or you) can ask about possibly getting a backup of the illusioncards database so it and the cards can be imported and you guys don't have to start from scratch regarding card content (and even without that writing a scraper to grab cards and their tags wouldn't be too diffcult). That being said though you guys will probably do fine even without any old cards. This place hit the ciritcal mass necessary for a successful migration ages ago, and plenty of people will be wanting to upload their creations in the new system so they can track upvotes and stuff properly.

Until I hear back from slayerduck I'll leave the permissions as they are since he was saying he would be the judge of when the lockdown would end.
1 years ago
Howdy there

It doesnt use Gelbooru, so some features are going to be a little different. It uses Disqus commenting system, which I don't like as much as Gelbooru, but it does have other nice features and he's also making a legit forum for his place, with mod discussions and all that.

I would love to migrate all of the old cards with all the old tags, but that is up to Kenzato. Do you have a Discord? He and I could talk with you. It would probably be more you talking with him as he's the one with the site and all.

I gave him a link to like 32,000 cards and scenes the other day. He might be online in a couple hours. Here's the Discord btw, in case you're interested in talking to him directly there

1 years ago
Im sad to see this place fall apart.

But let me thank Illusioncards and everyone from the Booru for the nice years! :)
And not to forget our community! Thanks for sharing! <3

It was awesome while it lasted.

Much love

1 years ago
Looking forward to the new website!
1 years ago
Looks promising. Always good to have options. =D
1 years ago
It would be good to have different categories for neo scenes, regular scenes, and character cards. As well frames, and backgrounds(so basically mirroring Illusion's own classification distinctions).
Not tagging. Actual categories.

I don't know if this is planned, but this would be best to do before the site launch. If it's post launch, obviously it'll never happen, because no one wants to sort 30,000 cards by hand.

I know there's different sections for HS/PH/KK but character cards vs neo scenes vs other stuff would be nice.

And could it also be a forced decision for upload? I don't like all of the mystery meat cards that get tossed up here. Is it HS or PH? Is this even a character card, or a neo scene? Or is it classic studio? If we required the uploader select each of these things, the problem goes away.
1 years ago
They are required to pick a category iirc

Kenzato is working on some issues currently but I'll ask him if he can add some new categories
1 years ago
I Think i just wet myself hearing this... Plz save us from this place!!!
1 years ago
Kenzato's still busy fixing some things on his end. I'm not sure when it will be ready.

I told him about a card frame and card background section, he said he'd make one. Card frames and backgrounds seem to be the same size so he'll make it all in one section iirc.

He's working on some features for more convenience, like being able to download cards from the gallery directly.
1 years ago

Sounds like you've already addressed the biggest issues with card sorting on the booru.
I'm looking forward to trying the new site.
1 years ago
Finally some good news!, count me in to the new website i'm looking forward to post my works again without having to deal with fake votes and bots everyday. :D
1 years ago
Thank you!
Looking forward to this new site.
Thank you to all who have been working on the project!
1 years ago
Nice news! Good to know everyone is up to the migration. Thanks Kenzato for this! The user system seens to be a bit more complex but it prevents instant trolls from happening. Most people won't create an account just to make one comment :p

I think that having separate categories for each game/studio/chara/clothing/misc will be the best improvement. Sometimes i download a scene, and actually that was a card, but wait, not a chara card, but a costume card. From PH, not HS! lol

I was just thinking about uploading all theold cards automatic. I am sure most users will want to do this manually, while others won't. I think i can spend a day getting names of mods to re-upload my cards in their newer versions, i am just sad that my HS IDs are all messed up, which makes my cards not work as intended :(
1 years ago
I just checked on the site again, Kenzato has made more categories

He's got a card frame background section, and also: Honey select unlimited section. Basically a section for cards that don't use DLC or mods. And same for its scenes.

He's still fixing some things though so I dont know when it will be ready, but im glad to see people are on-board with the migration :D
1 years ago
I am releasing the websites at 13:00/1:00 pm NY time for anyone that wishes to know <3
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