8 months ago
Kenzato's Booru IS finished
Made a new thread just so people are aware:

Reposting Kenzato's post here:

Kenzato said:
Hello guys, i am finally releasing my two new websites. I made them to fix the weak links in the illusion community
Booru is being spammed;(, hongfire is slow/down, discord got banned so mod sharing channel got removed.
The two websites are

some of the features i mentioned

1. Sorting by Likes and follow users
2. Duplicate image remover(user based and 24hour so you wont accidentally upload the same char in a dump of your chars)
3. Multiple Card upload with spam preventer
4. Catagory for games and the scenes for those 3 games
5. Moderator slots available and if it comes to it Recaptcha can be enabled to defer trolls/ bot spam
6. External storage with cloudflare caching so fast image loading
7. Comments through disquis
8. Tagging exists but non traditional, before or after you upload your card you can change the name of the post and that will be the tags. Aka a card for a character from naruto could be tagged Naruto Tsunade Busty, searching either one of those 3 word will bring it up. Or a scene that is a threesome, searching threesome would bring it up.

Over the days i have worked on this i have done a lot of bug fixing and feature adding, currently these things are features im going to add and some of the things i did last night
<https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/452824132770463745/455052792189681714/unknown.png> (also finished local test enviroment today)

my patreon holds a lot of more information and some posts about the rules, things to keep in mind and some of the bug fixes i dididnt mention in that image, some "less known" features , it is offcourse also where you can donate so i can keep the websites running and deal with the fees involved for better hosting etc

alternative paypal on

heres a old walkthrough buffscale did a while ago of the booru

If you have any indepth questions you can ask me on discord Kenzato#2582
if you have feature requests the mybb forum has a channel dedicated to that
If you have trouble making a account please check your spam folder/ use a email provider that is known, things like 10 min email and rumail might not work, they sometimes block certain emails and sometimes also are just not sent the email.

8 months ago
Just signed in. Looks great. I'll upload some updated cards later. :)

About tag/search, just remember to add key words in your card's title or description. This way people can find your cards simply by searching key words.
8 months ago
Just signed in/up, uploaded a couple of my cards.

Should pop some more stuff in there later. Cheers!
3 months ago
The website looks dead...

Is it temporary?

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