2 months ago
is it bad i only use this for the character maker
2 months ago
homucchi said:
im a straight girl

LOL, here comes the throngs of creepy basement dwelling guys who look like gollum cyber-stalking you.

homucchi said:
... and i was obsessed with AA2 for like 2 years (i live for drama and my ocs... put them together anddddddd) so i was super hype about both HS and koikatsu. i had HS for a hot second but deleted it because i didnt care for the art style and no plot :( rip so when i heard about kk i was like lit. but its totally different from AA2 (like i cant play as a girl anymore and have my lovely reverse harem :( sad lyfe) but i literally cannot stop making characters. i have so many. why is the cc so good.

i haven't even started the main game at all (i did experiment in studio tho, and i'm terrible at it) so is there anyone else in the same situation?? or s it just me haha

I know what you mean AA2 was great for the drama factor, like Dawson's Creek in Japan. HS pretty much is meaningless outside of the creator and battle arena (yet I still find myself making characters). But I digress, point is no there is nothing wrong with being totally into an Illusion games CC, its one of they key selling points.
2 months ago
Yeah...i used to spend more on character maker than the main game, I find it boring. But hook on studio when I started to mess around with it. maker and studio are the two I touch the most.
2 months ago
yes it is very bad, you must be a terrible person
2 months ago
Not sure how that could possibly be bad. I wouldn't worry about it.

Anyway, I believe with a mod it's possible to play a female character and have males as students in Koikatu, though the story and dialogue will make less sense. The mod is somewhere in this thread. http://dianoia360.com/forum/foru...ods-no-discussion-allowed

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