3 months ago
The Character Cards disappear.
Hi guys,

I know that i'm the not only one who post this but,

Each pictures in my folder are disappearing, and cannot be reconized by the game of course. (Honey Select)

- My version is already in 1.20
- All mods/DLC are already installed
- All images are on .PNG
- I put these on UserData/chara/female.

I don't want to bother you guys. Really.
But i don't know what's going on...
2 months ago
I think before you insert your card, check if the card is really a compatible card or just plain .png file. Some of users here just ripping the card but does not includes the hs file. The compatible .png file must at least include "ã€ÂHoneySelectCharaFemale】" characters right after "IEND®B`‚" if you check the cards by using notepad++. Or do you use actual HS or Unlimited version? user named "Hongfire" kindly converted v1.2 cards to Unlimited cards. I've faced this kind of problem about months before. Check some forum that created by user named "soury" or something like that.

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