5 months ago
What We Need: Popular Point
Hello, I'm a fellow illusion fan and I truly love this site. And it's ongoing character creators is what i love seeing.

The only problem is the judgement on how good exactly each card is.

Which is why I want to see a "sort by: popular points" feature. I even questioned myself why is there even a point feature in the site to begin with. I want to hear what others think of this request and how exactly can we make this happen?
5 months ago
Upvotes usually serve the purpose of showing the author some love, i guess.
There could be a search system for most voted cards, yes, but me, i couldn't care less for upvotes.
Each one have a different taste and some cards i like a lot have few points, and others that i dislike have lots of points.

So, i think it is 'pointless' :p

Oh and you would need to take this request to directly, asking here will probably lead to nothing... I think you only have moderators for the site here, not devs.

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