4 weeks ago
I've downloaded a crap ton of mods but none of them besides this one hair mod works. Am I missing some type of program I need to download? And please don't suggest JSME Generic Mod Enabler. I've already tried that and it doesn't work. Please someone help me because its a little irritating seeing everyone else using mods but I can't seem to do that
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
You just need to follow folder structure.
Illusion games are usually modded in /abdata, and plugins must follow the right folder for different games (Honey Select use plugins folder and Koikatsu Bepinex, for example).

You download a mod, extract it, see folder structure and copy-paste exactly like they should be.
Abdata in abdata, chara in chara and so on.

If the game in question is KK, you can use the link above.
If Honey Select or Playhome, it is really copy-paste in the right folder. Of course you'll want to use necessary mods, like IPA (and patch the exe).

When asking for help, try to be a bit more specific with your problem, like which game, what you did to install them, how you tested, how they should work and are not, and etc. It makes it easier for others to try to help.
3 weeks ago
I'm trying to download mods for FAkku Honey Select unlimited extend. I know you have to copy and paste the mods to the abdata folder but that doesn't seem to work. If you have any info on how that could help me I'd really appreciate it. Also sorry for not being specific lol
2 weeks ago
whoa 1 week, but i1m a bit busy with RL anyway.
Sorry, i do not own nor do i know how Unlimited works, but i hope you were able to make it work. If not, i think not any mod is compatible, you'll probably want to ask Fakku about modding, i really do not know.

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