1 years ago
Site Update
I _tried_ to let this place die, but you dipshits just couldn't take a hint and kept coming here.[/sarcasm]
I'm talking with the staff about upgrading the version of gelbooru for illusioncards. No details yet, but it was mentioned that I have some cleaning up to do, so I'll be taking this weekend (maybe longer) to purge the stuff that breaks the TOS. Specifically I'm deleting
kids nude or in a sexual act

So please report any image like this that you see
1 years ago
So uh...all my shota content got removed but there still seems to be asstons of loli and other shota content here.

What exactly is going on? Did you give up? I'm kinda curious why you seem to come here sporadically, months at a time even. I'm not trying to cause a fuss over my content being deleted or a shitstorm, just curious whats going on here.

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