1 weeks ago
dudes downvoting and changing tags. gribnip i suggest you read the "on tagging" sticky and then go die in a fire. dipshit.
7 days ago
I love picturing you changing the tags on my cards. Knowing that youre looking at them over and over. I know youve downloaded at least a couple. ;) I'm just going to make you keep doing it bud. Until you can't get them out of your head XD
2 days ago
so i noticed youre doing it to every single trap post so i went ahead and undid every single one of your edits. :D
They look great
I love the look of your trap cards, especially Fuckboy 027. I have no idea how to use them, though. Any chance you can help a dude out? Also, what is that micromini s/he's wearing?

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