4 weeks ago
Nakano Yurika's Honey Select Database
Hey there everyone i have made a pack (Replacer):
Preview: https://c10.patreonusercontent.com/3/eyJwIjoxfQ%3D%3D/patreon-media/p/post/30770634/801997590bbd4d4cba95a3a24651b034/1.png?token-time=1572307200&token-hash=q-UX1p6Kpdui82OEWRcB0gqMwhYQC4-2R8i8YDdDk2E%3D
(I know that i supposed to upload the picture instead first... But... My card has roy12's mod which uses TEKKEN character's face. So yeah. I know you might hate roy12... But they done a good job for real... Seriously... Porting Unreal Engine to Unity game is really hard tho. So yeah... I know that forum post that i posted is bad.... I know... But at least please get used to this, if you want to get my character for surely... Fufufu~ - Rachel Fitzgerald (aka Scout25/Xx-xElizax-xX from deviantart)
My Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xx-xelizax-xx/
If you have problem tho... You can just add me as a discord friend and tell me here is my discord: RachFitz#3579

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