2 weeks ago
[Help] Finding a Creator & Backgrounds pack
I'm trying to find the creator of this card: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KDsVfjXtgB7gMJdYatod5reVrIELRzYy/view?fbclid=IwAR2yL5LvHQOPG39yVzStFOFX_rxCVC9X5R-5UnIGdbSRNM3zja4m4zbhPps
If you know him (or you're him) please give me a link to his profile, I love his work but recently my hard drive was broken and all my data got wiped out, I'm recollecting things for my Koikatsu.
Also I would very appreciate it if anyone can provide me a link to a backgrounds and card frames pack. I remember installing one from a comment and got a bunch of cool backgrounds, but I couldn't find that comment again.
2 weeks ago
Google/nature scenes, city scenes, Asian scenes, donkey or mule scenes, lung cancer scenes, homeless people scenes.. easy peasy .. You'll want the large size. If you have to enlarge them you'll lose a lot of detail. User Data/background .. plop.

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