8 months ago
Correct me if I'm wrong
I haven't had Playhome but for 3 months but I love it. Honey Select doesn't do it for me. The studio stuff means nothing to me.

But I gather PH only has three female characters, the three who appear in the opening scenes. And that "genetically" every female chara we see here are part of their family tree, unless someone is producing them from scratch.

In fact the three original girls are made from only one.
8 months ago
Is there a Playhome Final Repack out there?
8 months ago
PH has thousands of characters just like HS. Just swap the cards.
8 months ago
Thanks for your reply but you missed the point, or I failed to explain it well.

Just the opposite, you don't really need a thousand cards, you only need one. I have made 20 girls from one card and they don't show similarity.

If you took screen shots of the pages of settings of girl A, then duplicated all those settings to girl B the end result would be girl A.

To me posting a girl is just to personalize what's in your head.

I'm White but since childhood I've found White girls less attractive than Black, Asian or Latina. The very first thing I do to a new card is give her a tan.

Making these models is an art. Be it painting, sketching or Photo Shopping, what you do with your hands and fingers comes from your head.

It's easy to see who likes thicc, Asian, young, skinny or whatever. So when you see a card you like it's because she fits into your preferences. Either that or you see the chance to modify her with just a few strokes of the "brush" to get what you want. In my case I remove the accessories, especially jewelry almost every time. I like the natural look, in real life and with charas.

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