2 months ago
how to automatically unhide downvoted posts.
1. click on "My Account"
2. click on "Settings
3. look for "Post Threshold"
4. click on the text box near it and then type -100

this should automatically hide downvoted posts for you, you can also do this with comment threshold too.

i hope this helped.

also fuck those downvoting trolls.
2 months ago
Yes! Thanks, found this site too long ago before getting one of their games. I found the hidden posts thing irritating. Thanks for posting this.
2 months ago
^ exactly why this downvote thing is stupid. It's nothing more than a minor nuisance that won't stop anything. People will still post garbage cards, people will still post good cards... get over it.
2 months ago
Better use -1000 or less because -100 is soon going to be met. Plus, trolls will find out and -16 within an hour = about 6 hrs
2 months ago
Yes, the cunt does them in lots of 16. How long it takes depends on when the cunt logs in. Imagine some cunt with a case of social leprosy so severe he sits his 300-pound ass on the side of his filthy bed waiting for posts to show up. Loser deluxe!
2 months ago
How about the invasion of fake real girls marketing fake porn sites, i guess since there's no moderator there's no way to get rid of 'em..
Don't care about the downvote anymore but this is concerning.
I mean guys, seriously some idiot thought it was good to post real girls advertising fake site in a hentai lair? ROFL
2 months ago
Yeah they bothered me at first because camgirls/thots are just the bane of working class men. Or men who used to have the 'illusion' that there was a worthwhile wife material prospect out there in the USA.

Now the thot posts are just hilarious though. The fact they show up next to waifu cards really shows how inferior the modern women really is. And they cost money, that's the crazy part.
2 months ago
1 months ago
Thank you, m'lord.
1 months ago
Can u make it so people can't downvote and just give it a like, it would be a better system against trolls who are thirsty for attention.

Better cards get better ratings, how it should be.
Don't feed the trolls.
1 months ago
I used to be an admin on another Booru.org booru

They don't allow that unfortunately

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