2 months ago
Get hundreds of backgrounds in no time
If you have a media player that allows you to take screenshots you're good to go. If you don't VLC is a good one, it's free.

Play a movie. There are usually a thousand cool scenes, Sci-Fi works for me, but by no means the only choice.

With VLC the shots land in My Images. Size them down to about 600X800 save as png and put them in your background folder.

Scenes from other video games are good too.

If an actor is standing there in the foreground, and if he/she doesn't dominate the screen, your girl will cover him up.

Asian art is plentiful with Google. Most of them are gorgeous.
2 months ago
VLC can do all kind of amazing stuff. Quite a freeware program. I agree.
Far better than Windows Media Player.

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