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Honey Select FAQ
Honey Select Mod packs by FlashBangZzz:
Mod pack 1 + game:

Pack 2:

This FAQ is outdated! And not needed if you use the links posted above!

Honey Select FAQ v0.8.3 (Last updated on 8-26-2017)

I wanted to help out people having some problems and thus started this FAQ.

-!-!-!-!-!-Always make sure all your mods are up to date!-!-!-!-!-!-

When this FAQ talks about the Pastebin you will need this link (Pastebin made by Lewd-H):

For video tutorials check here:

1. Versions
2. Mods
3. Characters
4. Studio

Check this to make sure you have game version 1.20 with the latest update: https://pastelink.net/4fp8
Note: There are updates that come after the Party DLC, Called: 0630grt_all (Just check here: https://pastelink.net/4fp8 )
Q: What versions are there?

A: 1.0 original game, 1.10 / 1.11 first DLC, 1.20 second DLC.

Q: What is Party_DLC?

A: This is the new DLC and this is needed for game version 1.20. (see the pastebin for links)

Don't forget to read the readme file that comes with mods, That way you know what the mod does and how to use it.
Q: Where can I find mods?

A: Links to websites can be found here: https://pastebin.com/1yDG8ZJx or check the pastebin posted at the top.

Q: Where do I install mods?

A: Just drag all the files from the mod folder/archive to the main folder of Honey Select. (Where the honeyselect_64.exe is located)

Q: I installed a new mod but I can't find it.

A: Most likely there is a conflict with a other mod (see 2.5), or you are missing a needed plugin.

Q: What are plugins?

A: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plug-in_(computing)

Q: How do I install plugins?
A: You will need a program called IPA (See pastebin) and install plugins into the main game folder (Where the honeyselect_64.exe is located).

Q: How do I fix mod conflicts?

A: Do it yourself with HS_SlotID, download and instructions on how to use it can be found here:

Or use HS_Conflict_Resolver_v0.3.0.0 (Great program but not perfect! It can miss some ID conflicts):

Also some Japanese mods use 9 digit ID slots and you will need MoreSlotID for this;

Note: MoreSlotID is currently not compatible with HS_SlotID, MoreSlotID uses 9 digits and HS_SlotID only 6.

Also remember that many card posters on this site have there clothes, hair, etc. set to custom IDs! So when you load a card you may need to manually change the clothes.

Q: Why do i see different clothes then displayed on the card?

A: Try switching clothing sets (Normal/Room/Bath), If the clothes are not on the other sets then maybe you have conflicting mods (see 2.5) or the clothes are on a other ID (check by switching clothes), This has become a common problem with the use of HS_SlotID and everyone setting custom IDs

Q: I got a character card from this site but I can't find it in game, why?

A: Most likely you have a card from the Party DLC (version 1.20) but your game is still on version 1.11 (or below 1.11).

You can test it with these cards:
Version 1.11 card: http://illusioncards.booru.org/i...t&s=view&id=10505
Version 1.20 card: http://illusioncards.booru.org/i...t&s=view&id=13935
Don't forget to install the needed mods, If your game loads the 1.11 card but not the 1.20 then you don't have 1.20 or you did something wrong.
If you have version 1.20 then you should see the game convert one card when you launch honeyselect_64.exe(or 32.exe)
(Yes i know its shameless self promotion! But i love it!)

Q: The card loads but it's missing hair/clothing etc.

A: You are most likely missing the mod or you have a conflicting mod (see 2.5).
Also check if the mods are on a other ID, There is a big chance the card maker has Custom IDs for there mods.

Q: The card loads but the character looks distorted!

A: This means you are missing Wide slider mod or its outdated! (see pastebin)

Q: Why do the characters in my game look different?

A: This can have some reasons but most likely the character was created with a bone mod or face mod installed.

Q: Why do I have different looking skin?

A: Because of a skin mod, See the card tags and check the comments on the card for what skin mod was used.

Here you can find a Example between the LRE Experimental body(Skin) and the game Default one:

Q: Where do I add character cards?

A: HoneySelect\UserData\chara then Female cards go in the female folder and Male in the male folder!

Q: What about clothing cards?

A: HoneySelect\UserData\coordinate

Q: My game says 0 cards converted and stays stuck on that screen, Why?

A: You have a corrupted card, Find it and remove it.

First you must understand that there is a Classic Studio and the new Studio Neo (from version 1.20)
Check the card tag to see if its for Studio or Studio_Neo.
Q: Where do I put Classic studio cards?

A: HoneySelect\UserData\studio

Q: What about studio Neo?

A: HoneySelect\UserData\studioneo\scene

Q: Why does the color in other peoples games differ from mine?

A: They either have 4K Diffuse or LRE installed (see pastebin).
If you have the patch installed then ask the creator for the preset they used, Then change this under HoneySelect\UserData\GraphicSetting\Config.XML.
For users of the old LRE version, You will need to change this in both the Config.XML and StudioNeoConfig.XML

Q: What are the controls ingame?

A: Press F2 to see the controls or check here:
Studio Neo controls:
Honey Select controls:

Final note
If you plan to install update 1.20 then do NOT use the MF/EMF patch version 0.4! This patch is for game version 1.10 / 1.11.

Always make sure all your mods are up to date!

After installing new DLC or Updates a reinstall of plugins may be needed.

If I missed anything or you have something to add then leave a comment!
I hope this helps some people out there!

Enjoy your game! :)
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I noticed that the game fails to convert some cards from version 1.11 to version 1.20 and this can make a character look a LOT different from the original card that was posted.

Not sure why the game fails to convert them maybe its because of a face mod(or maybe wide slider mod).

I think the game Resets values back to within the normal range of the game.
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Here is a FAQ made by someone els (credit to that person), It's more detailed but outdated.

just keep that in mind and you will be fine!

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Updated. 8-26-2017
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I can't find my game version in the top right corner of main menu, no infomation on that, any other way to find out ?
2 years ago
If it dosn't say it in the main menu then you can always check how the main menu looks and compare it with these images:

Version 1.0 & 1.10 looks like this: (Note that it says "Honey Select" in english)

Version 1.20 looks like this: (And it says "Honey Select Party")

Hope that helped.
2 years ago
im confused help
im new to Honeyselect game . i got mine from https://katcr.co/new/torrents-details.php?id=110275#main-description
im not sure if i have the party Dlc or what version this is exactly... and i just want to getthe party dlc and these cards working
2 years ago
Use this download is has Everything! (Every DLC + Updates!)

Good luck and enjoy!
1 years ago

I'm looking to try to find a way to get Wide Slider up and running on the Honey Select Unlimited Trial Version (Unless someone's got the full game for download somewhere)

I'm not totally technologically illiterate, however, I am rather stupid. Does anyone have a step by step guide or any ideas on how to get this to work?
1 years ago
I use this version of the game:

I don't have HS Unlimited so I can't say for sure that Wide Slider works with it... but try this:

Copy files into the directory.
Run "HoneySelect_64_WideSliderPatch.exe" or "HoneySelect_32_WideSliderPatch.exe". (or HoneyStudio_xxx as well)
Once you run the "HoneySelect_xx_WideSliderPatch.exe", the patched assembly(dll) is created in the HoneySelect_xx_Data/Managed/Assembly-CSharp.dll with the backup file Assembly-CSharp.dll.Original.
After that the mod is activated even if you run the normal "HoneySelect_xx.exe".

And this link may have some usefull information as well:

Good luck! and let me know if you are unable to get it to work.

It looks like HS Unlimited is very limited when it comes to mods... ;)
Best not use that game, Check this link maybe it will help!


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