1 years ago
Looking for these characters
When I look around honeymod's blog, I see these stunning Aya Brea (Parasite Eve)
and Rebecca (Resident Evil 5)

I've search around the websites but I have yet to find them

If anyone know where they are from please kindly share, thank you
1 years ago
Wow quite the find you got there im interested as well,did you found source for the outfits?
1 years ago
Nah, I'll lurk more on honeymod's blog. Those characters are from their image bulletin board's section. Maybe the characters are still in progress of making? since I can't find them in any of their blog posts
6 months ago
Hola, como puedes ver, son personajes hechos, no como los de roy12mod que son packs, asi que no los encontraras.

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