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Posted on 2017-07-23 20:25:17 by Rug-Carpet

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Wish I knew what mod that vest is from, but oh well. Made a nice secretary getup without doing the typical cleavage hanging out in the open shtick
Skirt tho is Aardvark's high skirt, and her bath lingerie includes Zeaska's DOA Goddess skirt
Nearly every skimpy outfit has Aardvark's "Kitten" choker
Pretty sure that's about it for mods. Not sure if the pearl thong is from a mod or not (there's two, one with a thick string and one with a thin string).
I try to keep my waifus as vanilla as possible for the sake of ID conflict.

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its my beaty)

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Oh, also, yes I am DEATHrocket777 from the Discord!

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