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Posted on 2017-09-21 05:11:59 by BakaD

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-Coiffure hair mod
-Belgar17's clothing mods
-Basic shapes mod
-Futalog various clothing mod
-Limalama's net clothing mod
-Party DLC
-Wideslider mod

A midnight encounter at a nearby tavern?

My last few posts did not seem well received. But some of the people enjoy some of the things. So I'll persevere, and hope to do better.
I am much too obsessed with those little plus/minuses... am I allowed to ramble here...?

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This looks good keep it up.

Don't worry about votes you dont even have to log in to vote so cheating is probably rampant anyway.

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How you did the card is 10/10, total pinup style. Keep on going!

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Such an alluring lady good job Baka
ps. i love the matching colors on her outfits

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I dont like those noserings.
But the color and picture compostion is quite nice.

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Thanks for the support guys. Though I don't often say so, I am fond of the models you all have made.
I'mma probably go around and comment more, given how much this cheered me up.

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As long asyou like them, who cares, enjoy your creation/s.
On a side note, I like this one, especially her look/pose against the wall.