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Posted on 2017-09-24 20:45:53 by Anonymous

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Deedlit (ディードリット) from Record of Lodoss War

Spent some time trying to nail down that old-school anime eyes of her... This is as close as I could get.

It's modified from this card

mods used
Eyelash MOD!WlYGzT7T!myBNqxBGhUSazbHji8YZ1fAOFyDQpvRa965lBNBCxD8

The eyelash of Roy12's Rachel mod

Yokko's belt by Roy12

and wild slider of course!oNIXVbgD!iTlsTUHHRbM1gTJeO4rlXAxgUTw8qaO-2q8By14XHq0

(I forgot where the golden necklace came from but I'm sure it's a mod item. Sorry. Bad memory.)


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There was also that anime cheek makeup, but I honestly forgot which mod it came from. Luckily it's a very replaceable item.

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I think it's from the Party DLC.

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I forgot there's another mods I used.
The boot is from Zeaska's package.!J5oFgDDa!htTLLOzDZ4o1lPkGOe71AA!x0hzTI5L

You'll need GGmod also to get the high heel working.!i0kmURBS!R1qS8oqJ049b5MIU8PCASwyhfvfBvtNyeloQkDgVgds

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Also, aardvark's belted skirt mod was used in the second outfit.!a9Y2QRjZ!4W87nBMyP8Sud8VsxfAgQ_zAss9jwlIw5YJH0vqpakU

Roy12's Marie Rose mod was used for the head accessory in the third outfit.

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If I could remember my password for TheDarkness I would write it from there, but... You nailed it! GJ!

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Thanks man. Coordination for these fantasy outfits is such a headache. It's so much easier when there's something to build on. Thank you for the work you put in. (There's no password retrieval system here?? Damn I gotta write my password down.)

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Sorry I forgot to mention the card was built under 4K diffuse skin pack. I actually prefer the original skins now so I won't use 4K skins in future uploads.

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That's her? http://ⓃⒶkⓔⓓ-ⓖⓘⓡ...ack/l/illusioncards/22718