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Posted on 2017-10-05 07:35:42 by TA3Sucks

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I saw this one was missing so here she is, the Eight Foot Ara
She's insanely tall, so tall that she might not work with every sexual position - well, she works'll see. It's not gonna break your game but it will probably get a few chuckles out of you. Definitely the choicest of choices for those into big girls. You can't get bigger than Hachishaku, literally.

She's based on the Japanese myth of some giant ghost woman who lurks for little shota to steal their "life force", or something like that. She's giant, pale, and technically a MILF despite being childless and dead. Real sweetheart, too, until you try to separate her from the one she's chosen.

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Oh! Forgot to mention her signature laugh: PO PO PO PO PO

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What mods did you use ?