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Posted on 2017-10-24 08:50:02 by BakaD

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-Studio Invisible
-Wideslider mod
-Party DLC + Updates
-[Fijas] Castanic Horns
-[Vnendure] Accessory & Outfit Bundle 01 {Ram Witch Wings}
-[Zaeska] Swimsuits
-[YashiroAmamiya] Knight set {shoes}
-[Futalog] Various_Clothing {socks}

Based on the Monster Girl Encyclopedia's Devil.

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Any idea why Castanic horns won't work for me? It's the only mod I have installed that doesn't show up on any of the character cards that use it

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Most likely you have a different slotID from everyone else, but setting the horns manually should be fine. If the horns are just gone, you have an ID conflict and will need Conflict Resolver. These horns are in slot 1 on the normal outfit and are Castanic Horns 07.

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