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Posted on 2017-11-02 15:16:59 by Hyperdrive

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Modlist and description incoming.

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More mesmerizing work. Thanks again Hyper

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you only comment on hyperdrive cards, Reese?


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First of all : Fuck colorless
second : i got her \o/
To be honest, she was actually ready on Halloween, but i was not satisfied with her. even know, i´m not really satisfied with her so i´m fairly sure she will get an update.
This Time, not all armorparts are deact with acc summon ring.
Belt clips like crazy and The Miko Sleeves are a disaster.

Modlist PLEASE READ !!!

Party DLC
wide slider
Studio invisible 4.2 (Acc summon Ring )
[Belgar17] double bangs
[Futalog] Various clothing (for top and bottom )
[Dr.B] Gloves
HS_Toeless socks
[SupaCyan] Roy12 wigs
Elin Ears
the gladiator from HSMOD clothing package
Furballs :
[Lewdduck] Ribbon + LGloves
[Zeaska] Makeup
Xmas Ribbon (these yellow star thing on her head) I think they are from a xmas mod from Hongfire.

I think everything can be found in pastebin under [Mods & Addons ]
In case i forgot something or you need help, ask or join the discord. Have fun.

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Excuse me, someone knows where to get HS_Toeless socks, I look and I can not find it and those I found tell me they are damaged, please.

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I cannot seem to locate the elin ears. Is there a specific modder that I should be looking for? Thanks and great work!

Posted on 2017-11-02 22:12:10 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)!d0BhEQLJ!wP_nYIb42uO52MKmszWM-Q

Toeless socks are in the above link for your enjoyment.

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42_monkies, thank you very much

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Elin Ears + tail!J5oFgDDa!htTLLOzDZ4o1lPkGOe71AA!g0pSXD4S

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