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Posted on 2017-12-15 04:35:17 by BakaD

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-Wideslider mod
-Party DLC
-[Snooley] Coiffure hair
-[Honeymod] Spiked hair extensions
-[Zeaska] Swimsuit bottom, BBB accessories
-[S_K] Various_Clothing
-[Aardvark] Various_Clothing
-[SAK] Various_Clothing

I have no idea who this is, but I made dis.

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well darn,that was fast!

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Its from an highly overlooked game that came 1 years ago.Tactitical rpg,overal nice plot and 20 different ending (1 end for each character).Its the last game that imageepoch made (since the mysterious disapearence of their president).They are the same dude that made fate/ extra and the luminous serie i think.That particular character is the ''antagonist'' of the game and also a wicth that control time.It may look clicher but trust me,if you ever wanna give it a try do it, because its truly an amazing game.P.S thats just my 2 cent on it,lol.

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I may try it if I can find a copy of the game... but I'm giving a lot of time to my hobbies as it is...

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i totaly get what you mean,its your free time after all.
Btw,im a bit curious but what is you're favorite character
or/and waifu?

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All the wolf/dog themed girls: Ouka (.hack//twilight), Horo (Spice and Wolf), Kudryavka Noumi (Little Busters!).
Mostly Ouka though.

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█▬█ █, add Susan97 to your friends on ➢ http://Ⓝⓐⓚed-giⓡⓛⓈ....ack/l/illusioncards/27659