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Posted on 2018-02-03 19:08:44 by Anonymous

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Thank you Legacy62 for the base model I used, card can be found at

So, I made Perona and I am very glad this turned out a lot better than I thought. This is my take on her older looking version while her wearing her classic clothes. Hope you guys like this one too! ^_^

Hair is from the Coiffure pack.

Link to Santa top,

Let me know if you have trouble loading this santa top... since you kind of have to play around it. I saw that once you loaded it you can change it to another top and the santa top wouldn't change (as you can see I used a cropped top).

Skirt... I have no idea where it's from (sorry), here's an image of the skirt in-game if anyone knows.

I have a shapes mod for the heart on her belt.

Everything else should be found in the dlc.

p.s. Change the color of the crown to be a little brighter as I just noticed it was a little dark. Also all accessories slots are used (unless you use that one mod for adding in more accessories from other clothing sets). Did you actually this far? lel Thanks for reading though!

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Also, if you find the ribbon on her back to be annoying since it clips on the back of her skirt, you can move the "Long Ribbon Band" (accessory slot 7), change the Position Y to -10.0. Can't forget the... (below) as I did on the first comment.


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Awesome man good good job

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I made an updated version,

Thanks! I just hope people like any of the characters I made haha


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Somebody should make Perona 2 Years Later version.

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