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Posted on 2018-02-13 10:37:19 by kevodah

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Raven from Teen Titans

Responsible for a gargantual amount of first boners in the middle 2000s. She closely resembles her design from the original Teen Titan show.

Mods you'll need :
+ PH skinset - Standalone :!IaogHBIC!SIIOCoCIvZJu04eSx9xaL1a7NAlTeVqZlkAuzaowjN8.
+ Real nipples.
+ zeaska's packages (Makeup eyeliners in the Tattoos slot).
+ [sak] (Leotard, sak_swim.unity3d).
+ [DrB] Gloves_01 (Fingerloop gloves).
+ Studio invisible (Acc Summon Ring).
+ Honeymod's primitive/basic shapes.
+ Cur144's Tennis Item Set :
+ [YashiroAmamiya] Nurse_Battle_Armor (Belt 3).
+ (OPTIONAL 3rd Costume) FoolBoy's Tina's hw17 costume :
+ Adjust mod and my file for her:!ddRBkIpD!KQBNG4_zHoKXDG_srLL8iDPAbTm7vaD7iwBaCFygD7g.

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Kevodah, you're amazing! I love all your cards when you release them, they have such great detail and style. Would you ever make Misty from Pokemon? Sorry if the request is annoying! Would just love to see you try her, anyways thanks for the great card. (:

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I don't think I'd try Misty since she already has a lot of cards, sorry. Out of the many available Misty(s) in here and the Discord there should be one decent Misty for you.

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Understandable, I suppose. Any ideas of who you'll make next? :D

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No ideal at the moment, but it's not like I'll run out of materials to make. I'm actually also in the process of launching my Patreon tip jar - no exclusive perks and rewards, only a tip jar. I'll try not to advertise it here though, since many people don't like the idea of Patreon even though it's just a tip jar. I also do take commissions.

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How much is a commission? :D and where could I contact you about that?

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Be my guess : You can contact me through the Discord.

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What's the link to the discord?

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This should be it :

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How do i contact you in Discord? Ive never used it before

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