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Posted on 2018-02-16 06:59:34 by HeartBeat

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Name: Neptune
*Mods & Add-ons*

Various (Makeup, Clothing, etc):
-Zeaska's mod packs. (Pretty much download all his mod packs.)
-Dilldoe's One Fuck Man mod.マン-updated-9-26-v-2
-Shiyuebai1's Tattoo x4!pYx1CbAD!TSa8_QFExtJp0gQhew5YWtQ2kv7GLlyjnW4vg1wb9So

-[Saw2008] Hairstyles_#01-40 (You might want to get all 90 Hairstyles)
-Sawhair Modified List:!1ABgkboY!MCPm7AEtoJkTRCkVqkvgqVr4PsdM31IvVwicfIlsPZg (Paste into HoneySelect\abdata\list\characustom)

-[Zeaska] Clothing and Accessorey Mod Package 1 & 2.
-[SAK] Various_Clothing & Swimsuits
-[Mayar1] Classic_Shoes_v2.0
-[Belgar17] Sexy Dresses Packs. (Not sure wich one. All his mods are excellent so you might want to get them all too.)
-[Rara] Club Activities Series. (Both packages).

Check the Pastebin to download the Nipple packs. (Mods & Add-on section)

She also needs Wideslider, MoreSlotID and SkinTex Mods. (WetSkin)

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Her face is a fusion between Anon's
and some of my girls. Too much of a cutie to let her pass.

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Very pretty!
Ya know, she kinda looks like Megan Fox.. <3

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@Anon Oooh... Her eyes and eyebrows kinda resemble her...

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Heartbeat keep it up, your characters are always the best! Nice work

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@MisterDeath Thanks a bunch. I still need to improve a lot tho.

Posted on 2018-03-29 20:15:27 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)!1ABgkboY!MCPm7AEtoJkTRCkVqkvgqVr4PsdM31Ivvwicfilspzg можно ключ?

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@zenberg Weird...
for some reason its asking for the key thats already included in the link.
The key is this one: !MCPm7AEtoJkTRCkVqkvgqVr4PsdM31IvVwicfIlsPZg
Just copy and paste it and that should gix the issue.

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Looks like some time ago Dilldoe decided to take down most or all of his/her mod links thus making the "One Fuck Man" mod inaccessible.
This means you will have to follow some extra steps in order to get the girl hair to work properly and if you want them to look exactly like in the preview.
Sorry for the problem but this goes beyond me.

-[GCHAOS] Hair_Vol.1_v0.2.rar from the Pastebin.

For Neptune:
-Open her card into the female character editor.
-Go to the "Body" tab.
-Set her bangs to "03@sawhairb" and set back hair to "G00_None".

Friendly reminder that all my girls were, are and will be created in the japanese version of Honey Select.
Some mods will conflict in Honey Select Unlimited.
Since I dont use Honey Select Unlimited nor made any of the mods I use, if you experience an issue with my girls in HSU I will be unable to help you.