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Posted on 2018-02-18 09:22:27 by Buffscale

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One final tweak to my Krystal card. I like this one more than the others I've done. I think I've found a happy medium between the actual version, porn version, and stylized versions.

Three sets of clothes:

Facial animations:

Optional slightly larger mouth version for blowjobs to work better, etc.

Facial animations:

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I make exceptions for Krystal, so thank you.

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hai hai
warosu warosu

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Hey author!Your work is so good,i love it very much.But i have some question:When i apply the card ,i found the apperance of the character in the game is changed,the chest change into blue,as well as the belly(Its deserve to be white )is it need some other mods to run?

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